On the road to become the best streaming tool for streamers and viewers! The new version is coming soon!

This time it's not just a small update.

It's a new overlay engine so flexible that it could allow me to add a new widget every week! You will be able to customize your widgets to react to any events and let your viewers have fun with them.

All of that for you to create engaging, interactive, and fun streams!

$4 of $10 goal
Alert widget

Powerful overlay editor
Create your dream overlay. Drag and drop your widgets. Customize it with your images, videos and audio files.

Alerts Widgets Images Videos Audio

Position widgets easily

Drag and drop your widgets. Lock them in place once it's perfect.

Tune the widgets stack

Fine control of your widget stack order. Decide which one appears above the others.

Configure and preview

Widgets has a growing number of options for you to customize.

Showing nicknames is great, animating with avatars is better

Show your viewers' avatar, let them customize it. Encourage them to stand out!

Your fans on your wall!

Select who you want to show on the avatar wall! Followers, subs, etc... Or people that are very important to you.

Alerts with avatar

Displaying nicknames is great, displaying avatars is better. Always show who donated, followed, subbed, etc.!

Let the viewer decide of his appearance

As a viewer, you can configure how you will look like on other people's stream! You will be able to pick a hat and a fancy visual effect!

Live alerts for any events!

Customize the text using any fonts, colors and effects. Choose how it animates. Use any of your assets. Adjust the duration.

Follow Sub Donation Patron Host Raid Cheer Ember Spark Chat

Unlimited variations

Make it more fun and add an unlimited number of variations and set their conditions

Crazy layout flexibility

Easily customize the layout of your widgets

Test your widget

Simulate any event and preview your alerts

Silky smooth animations on everything!

All images, text and numbers transition smoothly. This is the type of details that makes your stream look clean and professional.

Labels Numbers Progress bars Images

Text and numbers

Text can be animated by line, word or letter. Numbers increment and decrement smoothly

Progress bar

Make it more visual with animated progress bar

Smooth transition between avatars

Viewer avatars transition smoothly then finish with a callout

Control your stream and overlays

Manage your stream. Monitor your channel, search or replay any events. Give access to your team.

Channel Events Moderators

Category and title

Update the category and the title of your stream


Monitor, search, replay, mute or skip any events or alerts

Give access to your team

Let your tream drive. Give them access to your overlays, moderate events or update your channel info

Supporting charities since 2016

Connect to JustGiving, run your charity campaign and display live donation alerts

Much more will come

In no particular order... Make your voice heard on the Discord!


Chat and loyalty bots
Live poll
Custom source code (JS/CSS)
Merch page
Streamdeck integration
iOS/Android app
Playlist manager
Open API
Social media integration
Overlay themes and suite
New animations and effects
Highly customizable donation page
Dynamic and animated backgrounds


What do you want me to say? He built this freaking thing all by himself just for me and it's AWESOME!!!! Now it's open for everyone GO FOR IT Friendely \o/
Watch Yassonz on Twitch Fundraised 1280€ for Save The Children
I first started using Maelstream during a charity stream as it was one of the few available with a JustGiving integration but I stayed for the simple interface and top quality support from the developer. Michgeek keeps us updated on what's new and what's coming and is a great resource for an all-in-one solution for overlays and alerts in a single browser source! Would recommend to any streamers
Watch Shiffed on Twitch Fundraised £310 for SpecialEffect
I came across your overlay service thanks to SpecialEffect. I use it all the time when I am live as it bridges the link between the JustGiving page and Twitch so the donations show up in real-time. As a charity focused streamer this overlay service is just what I am after for real-time donation tracking when I am live. There is no other service like this out there. Its a must-have.
Watch MacGunner584 on Twitch Fundraised £81 for SpecialEffect
Yeah man, your tools are some of the best out there! I took a break from streaming for a while, and I just started back up yesterday and I am working on updating my overlays so I am really excited to see/use the new features when they are ready!
Watch 3PMusic on Mixer
Nick Rawcliffe
Yeh I can tell effort was put in. It’s the only reason I use it because everything looks so good compared to the others. I’ve used them all.
Watch NickRawcliffe on Twitch